MSR DAILY FRESH Skimmed Milk Powder

Product Details

  Product Name   MSR DAILY FRESH Skimmed Milk Powder
  Description   MSR DAILY FRESH SKIMMED MILK POWDER (Spray Dried)is made from Skimmed Milk

Product Specifications

  Composition   Milk Fat (Max) 1%
  Milk Protein 35%
  Carbohydrates 51%
  Minerals 7%
  Moisture 3.5%
  Nutritional Information
  Nutritional Information
  Amount per 100 g
  Energy, kcal   357.0
  Energy from Fat, kcal   9.0
  Total Fat, g   1.0
  Saturated fat,g   0.5
  Cholesterol, mg   18
  Total Carbohydrates, g   52.0
  Added Sugar, g   0.0
  Protein, g   35.0
  Sodium, mg   549.0
  Calcium, mg   1200.0
  Phosphorous, mg   980.0
  Thiamin, mg   0.4
  Riboflavin, mg   1.7
  Niacin, mg   0.9
  Folate, mcg   50.0
  Not a significant source of Dietary fiber, Vitamin C and Iron
  Shelf Life   12 months
  Storage condition   Ambient

Product Features:

DAILY FRESH SMP is a non-fat, protein rich milk powder. Most suitable for use by people on low calorie and high protein diet.

Product Application

Ideal for preparing low fat and sugar free Milk Based Products.
On reconstitution as per directions, 1 Kg of MSR Daily SMP provides 10 litres of toned milk mix.

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All Over India in Normal Trade and Modern Format Stores