He is an mechanical engineering graduate and has been credited with developing DR. Copper which is the world’s 1st seamless Copper water bottle with a lot of health benefits. He is the main reason behind the successful R&D of DR.Copper in such a short time. In his tenure as Vice President (Production & Marketing) he has set up a digital marketing team which markets all the products of MSR INDIA LIMITED on various social platforms.

He has done an extensive market research on the DR.Copper project, he has also conducted market survey on usage of water bottles in India, which was used to analyze the water bottle market in India and has given a clear vision for the company on the market of water bottles and helped the company to identify its competitors.

He even has conducted a SWOT analysis on the DR. Copper product and had devised a cost effective marketing strategy accordingly. He has represented the company at many national and International events and has attracted many investors. He also played an instrumental role in obtaining all clearances from the government of telangana for the company’s new manufacturing unit.

He played a key role in bringing back the company to profits in 2014-15. After taking the charge as Vice President, he has restructured the administration process of the organization and has assigned KRA to all the employees. He has been effective in motivating the employees and extracting the best result from them.